Caring for people and nature


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CSR Policy

Together with our employees we build our organizational culture based on 6 values. We fulfil our commitments in the area of promoting diversity in the workplace and caring for our customers to whom we deliver socially responsible services every single day. We offer our products on the Polish and European market with respect for human rights and care for the natural environment. We collaborate only with those suppliers that share our values.

 Fundamental Values of the Orbis Group:

  • Passion for Hospitality
  • Sustainable Growth and Efficiency
  • The Spirit of Conquest
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Respect

Our values are like a common language, i.e. they connect us and create a strong sense of belonging. Regardless of the place, culture or people, thanks to our shared values we better understand our objectives and pursue our hospitality philosophy with full awareness. Our values build our brand and its recognition.

The Ethics and CSR Committee has been operating in the Company’s Supervisory Board since 2014.  The Company also has a Sustainable Development Operational Committee composed of regional directors and managing directors of 4 countries, in which Orbis operates. Daily cooperation with our stakeholders and analysing their needs, expectations and concerns by managers responsible for particular business areas, gives us a holistic approach to corporate responsibility management and allows informed planning of the Group’s sustainable development.

In order to streamline our actions related to ethical management and make them fully transparent, we have developed and implemented the Ethics and CSR Charter, the Orbis Group Diversity Charter and the Sponsorship Policy of the Orbis Group. These documents are guidelines for actions and decisions of our employees at all levels of the Group’s organizational structure.