Urban gardens for honey-bees at the roof tops of Accor hotels in Warsaw! EARTH DAY IN WARSAW ACCOR HOTELS

In the era of an ongoing degradation of the natural environment, Earth Day is an extremely important date. This is a special moment when we should all pay attention to problems concerning nature and think about how each of us can contribute to its saving. On the roofs of Accor hotels, which for decades have been inscribed in the panorama of the center of Warsaw (Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, Novotel Warszawa Centrum, Mercure Warszawa Grand, Mercure Warszawa Centrum) honey plants have been planted, necessary for the life of bees. Thanks to the joint action with Miss Earth Poland, these small insects, which we owe so much, will be able to survive in the city, finding food for themselves

 The dramatically decreasing bee population is a global problem. Their extinction means disaster for the entire ecosystem. Without pollination, we will not have the majority of plants, fruits, vegetables, and even coffee or cotton. In Poland, more than half of the 470 species of bees that live today are threatened by extinction. "By paying attention to this problem, we encourage everyone to plant in their garden - or on the balcony, flowers and honey plants, and so those that are liked by bees. This is a small step, but in the Netherlands thanks to such activities and thanks to the involvement of companies and society, we managed to rebuild the bee population in 10 years."- explains Aleksandra Grysz, Miss Earth Poland 2018. According to experts, since the end of the ‘90, the number of beekeepers has been drastically reduced, and beekeepers all over the world are watching mysterious and sudden cases of bees disappearing from hives. Their role in the ecosystem is invaluable - bees pollinate 70% of plant species that guarantee 90% of food.


"Today's action is one of many activities for sustainable development run in Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, Mercure Warszawa Grand, Mercure Warszawa Centrum and Novotel Warszawa Centrum. It’s part of our sustainable development strategy and part of the Planet 21 program. We want to add our small action and help in the life of these nsects, on which so much depends. "- adds Malwina Bułkowska, Guest Experience Manager of Accor hotels in Warsaw. "Thanks to the cooperation of Miss Earth Poland with Accor, gardens with plants for honey-bees were created on the roofs of Warsaw hotels. We want to draw attention to the extremely important problem of the disappearing bee population. This educational campaign was joined by stars known for their commitment to the fight for nature protection, including Grażyna Wolszczak, Agnieszka Cegielska, Marzena Rogalska, Joanna Racewicz, Gabi Drzewiecka, Julia Kamińska, Joanna Moro, Marek Kaliszuk, Janja Lesar, Walerija Żurawlew, ecologist Areta Szpura, and the organizers of Miss Earth Poland - Francys Barraza Sudnicka and Łukasz Czarnecki and Miss Earth Poland 2018, Aleksandra Grysz. "- says Olivier Halasa, an activist, co-organizer of the action


Each of us can provide bees with access to food by planting melliferous plants. It is even enough to have flower pot or few more flowers in your garden or balcony. "We are not just hoteliers. We are also restaurateurs. Nearly 30% of the Accor & Orbis revenues come from F & B's business. We are aware that the current model of industrial agriculture - based on the use of toxic pesticides, threatens bees. In Accor hotels, we are introducing more and more products from sustainable and ecological agriculture and initiatives such as this one draw attention to the most important issues - environmental awareness, willingness to change the agricultural model and our health. "- adds Katarzyna Nowak, Corporate Communication & CSR Senior Manager at the Orbis Group and Accor in Eastern Europe.