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Upon initiative of the Orbis Hotel Group employees, in April 2011, the Accor Foundation ( donated EUR 41 000 to the mums’ foundation Fundacja MaMa ( for the financing of the “Spółdzielnia Mam” mums’ cooperative project ( The project was initiated by employees of the Orbis Hotel Group, and the Accor Foundation assumed the role of a business incubator.

During a period of 2 years, 15 young single mothers who are in a difficult situation and at the verge of social marginalization will be covered by a training program. The women learned crafts-making inspired by contemporary Polish folk art and then set up a social cooperative, in which they were selling products manufactured by them, thus generating income. This was Poland’s first social cooperative of mothers.

Project Milestones:

April 2011: Press conference to launch the project – Press Release dated April 5, 2011.

July 2011: Upon completing the first phase of the training devoted to personal development and coaching which lasted for three months (i.e. from July to mid-September), the beneficiaries of the “Spółdzielnia MaM” project entered the second phase of training devoted to the manufacturing of handicrafts inspired by ethnic Polish art. A series of art workshops has been prepared and is being implemented at the National Ethnographic Museum (, where project participants will learn about the secrets of decoupage, embroidery, manufacturing of original jewelry and toys for kids.


December 2011: Sale of “Spółdzielnia MaM” cooperative products via and a profile of the “Spółdzielnia MaM” cooperative at FaceBook.

Coverage of „Spółdzielnia MaM” project