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On February 14, 2012, in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Orbis Hotel Group signed the Polish Diversity Charter and shared its best practices in this area.

For the Orbis Hotel Group and its strategic investor, the Accor Group, commitment to promoting diversity is the key aspect of top management’s operations. Respect for differences between people is one of our most vital values in daily relations with our employees, suppliers and customers.

“For Orbis, diversity contributes to its competitive advantage and is a fundamental value in our daily activities. In addition to being at the core of Corporate Social Responsibility, diversity simply translates to giving our employees a chance to develop and pursue vocational training, with their skills being the only qualifying criterion. When a culture of respect is cherished in a company, diversity takes on a commercial aspect. Openness means that we are able to better understand our customers and develop solutions to meet all their expectations. This approach puts us one step ahead of our competition.”

Rooted around four words: professionalism, mobility, diversity and respect, the human resources policy of the Orbis Hotel Group is an integral part of the strategy and development of the Group. The policy of equal treatment and diversity management encourages innovation and development of organization, bringing tangible benefits for the department, hotels, as well as for the entire company.

In its daily operations, the Orbis Hotel Group implements the following programs:

Orbis communicates its ethics and standards

The Polish version of the “Accor International Diversity Charter” was published June 2011. It sets out four priorities for the next five years, namely the diversity of origin, gender equality, disability and age diversity. Founded on respect for differences between people, the “Accor International Diversity Charter” is an incontestable basis in our daily dealings with employees, suppliers and customers. The Charter is being implemented in all the hotels of the Orbis Group in Poland as well as in the Head Office of the Company, so that each Orbis employee can act as an ambassador of diversity.

Orbis supports equality between women and men and has implemented a reporting system

Care for our employees lies at the heart of human resources management policies of the Orbis Hotel Group. Regardless of the monitoring the effects of management team operations, Orbis monitors its teams to better meet the needs of employees and identify the areas of progress, such as gender equality, professional development, mobility, generations’ diversity. In the Orbis Group hotels, 45% of general managers are females - it is the highest and best rate in the overall worldwide Accor community.

Orbis pursues age diversity management policy

Orbis has published the “Promoting the diversity of generations” guide developed at the initiative of its cornerstone investor, the ACCOR Group. Addressed to nearly 3,000 employees in Poland, the guide shows the differences between generations in a light, albeit clear, form and contributes to building better relationships between employees.

Orbis invests in training programs, where at least 20% of employees are aged 50+
Orbis appreciates young talents through the “Accor Professional Challenge Awards”

Organized every year by the Accor’s Human Resources Management Team, this Professional Challenge encourages young Orbis Group employees, whether already working or on apprenticeship contracts, to compete in one of two age categories: 18/22 or 23/26. Selected in their region, then on the national level in the country, the final winners are chosen by a jury made up of hotel directors and managers in on-the job challenges in 4 disciplines: reception, table service, cookery and bar service – the hotel trade's four main professions.

Orbis has invested in an ambitious professional development and education program named “Top Talent Hotel Management Program”

Developed by the Orbis Hotel Group in collaboration with the University of Łódź, every year this program enables young managers from different countries to broaden their professional horizons.

Orbis engages in pioneering and innovative projects in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility to promote diversity in the social context, such as “Spółdzielnia Mam” mums’ cooperative.”

This project has been initiated by Orbis employees with a view to prevent social exclusion of 15 young single mothers at the verge of social marginalization. Beneficiaries of the project gained new skills, which enabled their social inclusion and reinstatement at the labor market. The women manufacture and sell handmade products inspired by Polish folk art. The Accor Foundation has donated EUR 41,000 in support of this project.