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On October 20, 2014, the majority shareholder of Orbis S.A. submitted to the company an offer of taking over a network of 46 hotels located in Central Europe along with a proposal of a new Master License Agreement.

The Agreement was signed on January 7, 2015. Thereby, Orbis strengthened its position of the hospitality industry leader in Central Europe and became the sole licensor of all Accor brands in 16 countries of the region. The total price of the transaction amounted to EUR 142.3 million.

All significant information on the executed transaction is available on this page.


Press release 07.01.2015:

Orbis closes the deal with Accor and enters five new countries in Central Europe

Current report 07.01.2015:

Acquisition by Orbis S.A. of shares in companies pursuing hotel businesses in Central Europe and execution of a Master License Agreement.

Current report 28.11.2014:

Execution of a preliminary share sale and purchase agreement concerning purchase of shares in companies operating in Central Europe by Orbis S.A. from Accor S.A.

Press release 14.11.2014:

Orbis to enter a new era by taking over Accor’s operations in Central Europe

Current report 14.11.2014:

Orbis SA Supervisory Board’s consent to purchase shares of Accor’s subsidiaries operating in Central Europe and to conclude, on new terms, the license agreement (Master License Agreement).

Presentation 14.11.2014:

Entering a new era

Factsheet 14.11.2014:

Factsheet Transaction with Accor November 2014

Hospitality report:

Grupa Orbis liderem rynku hotelowego w Europie Centralnej. Jaki to rynek?

Current report 21.10.2014:

Current report regarding the offer

Press release 21.10.2014:

Press release regarding the offer


The Management Board of Orbis SA cooperates with reputable advisory companies in analysing the offer:

  • HVSinternational company specializing in valuations on hotel market – conducts the valuation of the offer,
  • Schoenherrinternational law firm focusing i.a. on mergers & acquisitions that has its local offices in all countries covered by the offer.


Framework timetable of offer analysis:

20.10.2014 Accor’s offer submission
21.10 - no later than 6.11.2014 Expected period of valuation performed by HVS
21.10 - no later than 6.11.2014 Expected period of due-diligence with support from Schoenherr and a draft of the Master License Agreement review
10.11.2014 Expected date of the offer analysis completion by the Management Board of Orbis SA and recommendation about the offer to the Orbis’ Supervisory Board for approval
13.11.2014 Supervisory Board of Orbis meeting, the subject of which will be i.a. the Management Board recommendation regarding the offer
30.11.2014 Expiration date of an exclusivity of negotiations regarding the offer for Orbis SA


If you have additional questions please contact Investor Relations Department.