The gratest asset of Orbis are
the people who work here


  • Over 4000 employees

The Orbis Hotel Group is the leading organization of its kind in Poland and in Central Europe, which sets the business standards of the industry. With our established market position, we are a highly reputable employer of choice for both graduates and experienced professionals.

For employees of the Orbis Hotel Group, working with people is a passion and a way of life. Orbis stands not only for a prestigious and renowned place of work, but it is also a company that combines many years of tradition with a modern approach. We employ the best of the best…

The Orbis Hotel Group offers professional careers in two main areas:


They are the basic units of our company, offering a very wide range of services. Hotels are a perfect workplace for persons oriented at building positive interpersonal relationships and expecting new experiences every day.

Head Office

The Head Office of the Orbis Hotel Group is a unique organizational unit in the entire hotel industry in Poland. It is the decision-making headquarters with separate internal support units that provide ongoing reinforcement to all the Orbis hotels throughout the entire Poland. Persons with an analytical and creative approach to problem solving will certainly find their place here.