Caring for people and nature


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“Sustainable development is a vital component of our business philosophy and we believe that we all, that is our customers, business partners, employees and, above all, the natural environment and local communities in the areas where we operate will benefit from it. Orbis S.A. aims to be the leader of Poland’s hospitality industry in the field of CSR by setting standards and promoting best practices” – the Management Board of Orbis S.A.

Background and objectives

The PLANET 21 program refers to “Agenda 21”, the Action Plan signed in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, echoing the most urgent challenges of the 21st century. Planet 21 is structured around 21 commitments and the same number of objectives adopted jointly by Accor and Orbis S.A., to be fulfilled by 2015. These commitments include training of staff in 95% of hotels in the prevention of diseases, promotion of well-balanced meals in 80% of hotels, the use of eco-friendly products in 85% of hotels and reducing water and energy consumption by 15% and 10% respectively in all the hotels.

Growth rooted in principles

The Program is structured around 21 commitments grouped under 7 categories (pillars) to the natural environment (ECO: nature, innovation, carbon) and society (EGO: health, employment, dialogue, local community).

Promoting health

Health is one of Planet 21 priority areas. In pursuit of the adopted objectives, in the restaurants in our hotels we offer meals made of local, seasonal and organically produced ingredients, while respecting the principles of Fair Trade.

PLANET 21 strategy also involves an information campaign for guests encouraging them to actively participate in various actions undertaken for the benefit of the natural environment. Beginning with reservation making, though a stay in the hotel and right until being served in a restaurant, a variety of educational messages will be addressed to our guests to encourage their active participation in the campaigns carried out by the hotel.