Caring for people and nature


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Orbis S.A., the leader of Poland’s hospitality market, together with its strategic partner, the Accor Group, are committed to expand with due respect for the natural environment and local communities. To this end, Orbis has invited all its hotels and customers to participate in a new, global sustainable development program named PLANET 21.

Orbis for ECO - nature, innovation, carbon dioxide:

  • PLN 2.2 M were saved in 2014 by reducing water (3.8%) and energy (5.5%) consumption
  • 92% of hotels sort and recycle electric batteries, fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes
  • 90% of hotels sort and recycle paper and cardboard

Orbis for EGO - health, employment, dialogue, local community:

  • Hotels promote balanced meals prepared from natural seasonal and local ingredients
  • Employees are being educated and made aware of risks associated with HIV/AIDS
  • We support local growth through social and environmental initiatives in collaboration with non-governmental organizations, local authorities and institutions.