The gratest asset of Orbis are
the people who work here

3 900

  • Over 3 900 employees

We are looking for people who will share our values, such as...

  • professionalism
  • trust
  • enthusiasm

Profile of a candidate

When searching for new staff, we pay special attention as to whether the qualities of the candidate match the values professed by our company. Those who wish to join our team should be well-mannered, have teamwork skills and be highly adaptable to a constantly changing work environment, as each work day in our company is different.


When recruiting for the majority of vacancies, we conduct qualifying interviews consisting of 1 to 3 stages. For more complex projects, we apply recruitment tools such as tests, analyses, tasks and work samples.
Internal recruitment plays an important role in the search for a suitable candidate. We offer career advancement or change of the working environment to our employees.